Blind Trust

BLIND TRUST is a new award-winning documentary that delves into the life and work of psychiatrist Dr. Vamik Volkan, a five-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee who has spent over four decades bringing enemy groups together in areas of conflict all over the world.

BLIND TRUST traces Dr. Volkan’s life journey—from his birthplace on the ethnically divided island of Cyprus to his development of a model of diplomacy based on the emotional life of nations.


This look into his pioneering fieldwork and peace-building missions in Europe, the Middle East, and the US sheds light on how large-group identity and shared trauma can both unite us and divide us for generations.

Winner of the Gradiva Award and the Sydney Halpern Award, Blind Trust has screened at museums, film festivals, mental health institutes, and conflict resolution programs worldwide.



Okros Satsmisi ("Golden Fleece Hotel"), Refugee camp, The Republic of Georgia 

The Yellow Telephone

When Dr. Volkan and his team arrived at The Golden Fleece Hotel in The Republic of Georgia, there was one telephone in this former Soviet luxury resort.  Dr. Volkan was able to locate the leader of this IDP community by finding the home with the phone.  This apartment eventually became the site of "Vamik's room." 

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If diplomacy is like a basketball game, then the historical traumas of a people are like 1,000 bottles of olive oil spilled on the court.    ~Vamik Volkan