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 Dr. Vamik Volkan interviewed for "World Peace Day"

Dr. Volkan worked 40 years bringing enemy groups together for dialogue and peaceful coexistence.  He is at the vanguard of understanding societal conflict from a psychological perspective.  On September 21, in honor of World Peace Day, he was interviewed by Ahmad Fawzi, Spokesperson for the United Nations. 

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BLIND TRUST is a documentary about the peacemaking work of Vamik Volkan, a psychoanalyst who has spent a lifetime bringing enemy groups together for dialogue in traumatized regions of the globe.  The film recounts his journey in unofficial diplomacy in The Middle East, Estonia, the former Yugoslavia and The Republic of Georgia.  Volkan's field work is unparalleled.  It has inspired a new vocabulary for understanding large-group identity and the psychology of war.


Ask us about a special Q&A with Dr. Vamik Volkan!

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